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To Wear a Mask or Not

June 16, 2020

Covid-19 has already made this a year unlike any other.  While restrictions are gradually being lifted after an unprecedented global economic shutdown, for many people it will take a long time to get back to normal.  A major unknown remaining is how much precaution is needed to prevent a severe second wave of the virus.  The Center for Disease Control recommends social distancing, wearing a mask when in public areas, frequent hand washing and sanitizing practices.

Many people in our area feel wearing a mask all the time in public is not necessary.  Certainly, in hot weather it is neither comfortable, nor stylish for most of us.  National companies have set policies for their locations across the country.  For example, Waddell & Reed has policies in place for office spaces that are leased through them.  However, when our team moved last October it was to a privately owned space – so we have flexibility in that regard.

We are open for clients to meet in our office but will still do phone and Zoom meetings for people who prefer them.  There are five people on our team and our space is not heavily trafficked.  For clients coming in, we are following your preference as to masks.  If you feel wearing a mask is best, we will wear masks while you are in the office.  When you are planning a trip to our office, let us know your preference on mask or no mask, as well as anything else we can do to make your visit more comfortable for you.