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Days Ahead

Days Ahead

January 13, 2021

Days Ahead


Because of the Pandemic, 2020 was a year that many would like to forget.  So here are some days to look forward to:

February 2nd– Groundhog Day:  Just a fun day recognized by a popular movie of the same day played over and over again.  Something light to start with.  On a serious note, February 1st is National Freedom Day marking the day in 1865 that President Lincoln signed a resolution to outlaw slavery.

March 14th- Daylight Savings begins:  I know many people find ‘losing’ an hour of sleep is difficult, but most of us with day jobs look forward to having an extra hour of daylight after work.

March 20th– Spring Equinox occurs:  The daylight hours equal the nighttime hours on this day and we continue to have longer and longer days for the next 3 months.

April 21st– Administrative Professionals day:  This is to appreciate the person who answers the phone daily in a cheerful voice, greets and make clients feel appreciated, and does all the little things to keep a business organized.  We thank Jenn for that here at our office.

May 6th– National Nurses Day:  We are especially thankful for nurses during these times of COVID.  Hopefully by May things will be much less stressful and we can celebrate their dedication for persevering through a difficult time.

June 14th– Flag Day:  With all the unrest in our country a display of appreciation for all the freedoms we enjoy would be welcome.

July 4th – Independence Day:  May our country always be the home of the brave and the free and rightly celebrate.


More on another day...